Where Do I Begin?

Hereís some food for thought: Most peopleís view of God is not completely accurate because they have only listened to other peopleís opinions about God. What people have heard about Him may come from family, philosophy books, T.V., radio, movies, etc., but oftentimes conclusions have been made based on inaccurate information and the traditions of men instead of the Word of God. One problem is that God has often never been given a chance to speak for Himself. People may have read bits and pieces from the Bible, but it must be the "whole counsel of God." For example, in Matthew 4:6 when Satan misquotes scripture, Jesus responds with scripture and says "The scriptures ALSO say..." i.e., the WHOLE counsel of God.

Common sense has it that none of us would want to spend time with someone if we have heard things that would make that person less than desirable. Unfortunately many people have the wrong view of God, and so they donít want to spend time with Him in His Word. Therefore, when they finally go to the Word, the God that they are about to meet, may not at all be the same God they think they are going to meet. SoÖlet me introduce you now to the True God and His awesome characterÖletís let Him speak for Himself!

If Someone is a new believer, we suggest they complete the following for the first six days, then begin reading John, and continue as outlined in "The Big Four"

A Few Words of Encouragement

When we meet together in Salt & Light each week we will share with one another the Treasures that God has impressed on our hearts and minds. In addition to underlining verses as you read, it will help you remember what He said by recording His word to you in a journal.

For our meeting time together: Ask God: out of ALL you read and of ALL the verses He impressed on your heart, what would He want you to share with the other members of your group. Also, each week from your reading, ask God what verse He wants you to remember, write it on an index card, and we will practice memorizing our verses with each other each time we meet!

One Final Note:

The Bible was penned by over forty men, through the inspiration of Godís Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Many of these men never knew each other, yet all these books fit together perfectly! Did you know that this Book has been burned more than any other book in the world? Did you also know that more people have died for this Book than any other book? What is it about this Book that people would die for It, as well as burn It? Youíre on a journey to find out just that!

May you be richly blessed and changed as you meet with Him each day! Hang on for the ride of your life! He is anything but boring!