What we do in SALT and LIGHT

A suggested format to follow for “Salt & Light” groups :

Every Other Week.....

  1. REVIEW: As soon as each person arrives, get a partner, exchange scripture memory verse cards, and review your old verses (Why Review? If you don’t use it you lose it.)
  2. PRAY: Leader gathers everyone for prayer
  3. NEW SCRIPTURE MEMORY VERSE: Each person hands their new verse card to the person on their right and one at a time, each person says their new verse to the whole group. (Leader passes around “Scripture Memory Chart” so each person can record their new verse. Usually other group members like to record in their journal the verses others are sharing …for future use. Also pass around the “Bible Reading Chart” at this time)
  4. SHARING FROM THE WORD: Each person then shares from the Word one at a time. As someone takes their turn, everyone else turns to the Book, chapter, and verse the person is sharing from. Usually other group members record the references used by others. At this time individuals can recount stories and examples of how God is using His Word in their life. This continues around the room until each person has had a chance to tell us what God has been teaching them in His Word.
  5. CLOSE IN PRAYER: On alternate weeks we do a Salt & Light 2 together.

What we do in SALT and LIGHT 2

After your group has been sharing their quiet times for a month or so please begin to study a book of the Bible together. Do the following with a book of the Bible you all agree to study in your group: (It is recommended that you “start” with a “gospel” first & then go on to “Acts” later)

  1. Study a chapter together every other week. On alternate weeks we are sharing from our own personal reading . (BEFORE SHARING YOUR INSIGHTS THE GROUP SHOULD READ ALOUD THE CHAPTER YOU ARE STUDYING )
  2. During the week everyone should prepare for the study by:
If you have any questions after reading all this, please feel free to ask! Email us at dfriley@mindspring.com