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  • Reading "Relationally" at your God directed pace through the entire Bible . (Reading "Relationally" = interact with the Author as you read)
  • The only "time table" you are on for reading through the entire Bible is how much God directs you to read each day..."my sheep hear my voice..." John 10:27
  • Treasuring God's Word in our heart (Ps. 119:9;11) Why Scripture Memory ? We want to be able to tell people what GOD says, not what we think. We are not the expert, we just know The Expert. Our job is to get people to God. He's the Almighty Counselor, not us
  • Leaders are Cheer-leaders and Coaches. Our job is to help the members of our group to accomplish "their goal" of reading relationally through the Bible and memorizing scripture.

Our goal is to encourage people to be "self-feeding" Christians. When we read a Christian book, hear a sermon, listen to a Christian speaker, etc., we pray for a mindset that leads us to become hungry to hear from God for ourselves! What gifted authors and speakers share is not the meal, but only the appetizer. God never intended us to live off of others, but to live off of Him. We learn how to ask Him questions and interact with Him as we read. Instead of trying to open up your own mind to understand the scriptures, we pray :"Lord, will YOU open my mind to understand the scriptures ?" Luke 24:45

  • Be Transparent, open and honest as you share your hearts with each other.
  • Be involved in each other’s lives and have fun and enjoy each other. Pray and even fast for each other, serve each other, go the extra mile ...as the needs arise… become a family".
  • Keep Short accounts with each other and God.
  • Pray fervently together that God would Bless "Salt & Light" with the things on His heart, and that He would enlarge our Borders for the Sake of His Kingdom and that He would keep His Hand upon us..." (1 Chron. 4:10)

A Large group of college students were gathered to hear a brother in the Lord share the Word with them . At the end of the evening a number of students approached him and were awe-struck with how the Word just flowed from His heart as He spoke ( he was not using any notes as He was sharing). They expressed to this brother that they too, wanted to be God's vessel like that and wondered how he got to that point...Do you know what his answer was?..."I just read through the Bible and when I finish I start over, and I keep starting over and will read through the Bible over and over until I leave this earth. My mind is continually being washed with His Word, the whole counsel of God". I too have been challenged by this brother and may we challenge others as well! Never again will you have to wonder where to read when you have your time with the Lord, because when you are reading through the Bible, you just pick up where you left off!

You know, when you hang around Someone, when you're in Their presence, you eventually start talking like them and thinking like them and even acting like them.... Ah....In His presence is where we want to be...Jesus ministered out of the abundance of His relationship with the Father.....God has not called us to ANYTHING but Himself and everything else flow from that call ! (see John 15:5)



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